Why is social media using podcasts

While the number of social voice networks may reach 100 or more, analyst Jeremiah Ouyang revealed that the quarantine has given this emerging category of social media a boost, according to the magazine.Forbes».

Ouyang found 33 different startups in the social voice space, headed by the Clubhouse app and Twitter.

Audio broadcast

According to the analyst: “What we found during quarantine is that texting does not give us the feelings and nuances that the human condition requires, especially during isolation. On the other hand, we all used Zoom, where we mostly look at our faces. We were also on Twitter browsing thousands of stuttering tweets, and wondering: Why did all the people we follow follow us ?! ” “Podcasting, led by a pioneering startup clubhouse, is a promising medium,” says Ouyang. Come as you are. You don’t have to wear a business suit, and better yet you don’t have to be a camera buddy, like on Instagram, or physically talented on TikTok. “You have to have great ideas, and be a clever, nice and polite interviewer.”

The colonial stage

Ouyang says the turning point will be once audio broadcasting companies start introducing APIs to absorb, consume, analyze and share audio content outside the platform.

“At that point, we will witness an explosion of thousands of applications, just as Twitter, Facebook and Google are,” he says. “At this stage, we will also see that the inclusion of the social voice everywhere around the Internet will begin to happen, and I call that the stage of colonialism.” “Colonialism” in this sense means that the voice will enter product listings, blog posts, social platforms, or even our digital assistants like Alexa and Siri.


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