Why is Among us popular

Among us is one of the biggest names on the Internet currently, although it was released in June 2018, and the biggest reason for the game’s success is the sudden shift in everyone’s routine, as the whole world faces a severe epidemic, as the social life of most people has shifted to virtual space. In times of social distancing, so the game provides them with a virtual space that enables them to have fun together.

Team games

It is classified within the group games that require 4 to 10 people to play together in an entertaining and free gaming experience, and it is available on iOS, Android and Microsoft.

The game forces people to doubt each other, as it features a group of players who are a group of astronauts who are in a broken spaceship and want to fix it to bring it back to Earth, but apparently one of them does not want this. Rather, he wants to stay on board and sabotage this ship. Crew members perform some tasks before the fraudsters can kill them all, and to add excitement there are some features like emergency meeting of crew members and sabotage of the fraudsters.

Family and friends

Multiplayer games are among the most popular genres in the world now and Among us is making the best use of them, and considering other popular games like Valorant and CoD: Warzone, players can still play the game in random lobbies, but Among us is more fun with friends or family.


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