“White Mocha” from “Starbucks” … the most requested in Kuwait via “Deliveroo”

As the year 2020 draws to a close, Deliveroo Kuwait has released its annual list of the most popular dishes for this year, and presented its forecast of food trends in the region.

And dominated the «cheese burger» on top in all markets «Deliveroo» world, and scored first place in the annual list.

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain

The popular burger chain “Five Guys” topped the menus in Kuwait and all over the world, while the “cheese burger” (cheeseburger) was the most coveted food in the world, and the second most requested food in Kuwait.

The list of international favorites includes other dishes from Kuwait, which are “White Mocha” from “Starbucks”, and a cheese burger from “Five Guys”, Original You from “Bake”, Nachos from “Cinescape”, Shake Burger from “Shake Shack”, and Mimi Special. From “Mimi Curry”, Lime Tikka from “Sawahat Al Muharraq”, Washha Burger from “Washhamin”, and Chicken Royale from “Burger King”, and choose the ingredients for your dish at “The Bowl”.

The list of the top 25 dishes around the world included many of the dishes offered by restaurants and cafes in Kuwait exclusively on Deliveroo, which has proven to its restaurant partners the feasibility of having an exclusive delivery service with it.

Deliveroo Kuwait added Starbucks to its growing list of exclusive restaurant partners earlier this year, while customers enjoyed their favorite coffee from the international café. White Mocha was at the top of the list of the most requested dishes in Kuwait. It was the third most in demand item in the 12 markets in which Deliveroo operates.

And on the list of the 100 best dishes in Deliveroo around the world, a group of restaurants located in Kuwait exclusively on the company’s platform, such as “Sawaikh Al Muharraq”, “Five Guys”, and “Mimi Curry”.

The home cinematic experience

Although cinemas have been in cinemas since March as part of national efforts to curb the spread of the Corona pandemic, this has not prevented customers from enjoying their favorite nachos in cinemas but from home, with liquid cheese, sauce and hot jalapeno. This year, “Nachos Cinescape” was the fourth most requested dish in the local market.

Deliveroo pointed out that with the increase in the number of restaurants that provide the service of customizing the request according to the desire of the customer, it is not surprising that «choose the ingredients for your dish» comes from «The Bowl», and «Bucky» dishes that can be customized from Goa, and dishes «Your own way» From Slice, it is among the most requested dishes in Kuwait.

She noted that due to the increasing demand from customers to form new dishes and try new flavors, the dishes designed according to the customer’s desire are ready to perform well during the next year.

Chicken and plant

A poultry sandwich from Sydney, Australia, ranked fourth on the global list this year, while foods made from chicken such as Muharraq Skewers, Burger King, Bake and Rising Cane were among the most coveted dishes in Kuwait.

Orders for vegetarian dishes have risen 115 percent this year, proving that a vegan approach is not just a passing phenomenon, indicating that this trend has become a favorite among customers and is a potential area for growth for Deliveroo.

The number of restaurants that offer vegetarian menus has more than doubled, while the tabbouleh kale dish from the vegetarian and flexible “Ofo” restaurant was the most sought-after vegetarian dish locally for this year.

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