“White Lands”: 20 million square meters in Riyadh will be registered in 20 days

The White Lands Program has clarified that after 20 days – God willing – the program will register more than 20 million square meters of developed lands in the city of Riyadh from the lands that the program has limited and not registered by its owners, in integration with the secretariats and the Ministry of Justice.

It is expected that about 60,000 plots of land with an average area of ​​350 square meters will be available, and one plot may include more than one housing unit, or plots of larger areas that include more groups of housing units in vertical construction, which can pump hundreds of thousands of housing units into the real estate supply in Riyadh. .

During its participation in the Maskan Real Estate Exhibition, the program indicated that Riyadh acquired the largest share of the total (undeveloped) raw lands registered in the program among other cities, as the program registered about 100 million square meters of land that is being developed or fees are collected on it.

The program explained that if the registration deadline for the second phase in Riyadh expires on June 15, 2022 AD, the lands allocated by the program will be registered, in addition to issuing a non-registration violation of up to 100% of the value of the fee, and issuing an invoice for the fee on the land, stressing its call to register lands from their owners; In compliance with the system, and to avoid a violation of non-registration, and to benefit from the services and partnerships with other agencies and programs provided by the White Lands platform, in order to obtain the necessary permits and licenses to revive and develop the land.

It is noteworthy that the White Lands Program aims, through its systems and regulations, to increase the supply of developed lands in order to achieve a balance between supply and demand, the availability of residential lands at reasonable prices, the protection of fair competition, and the reduction of monopoly.


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