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After the shock of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, many students have been struggling to move abroad. Amid this chaos, certain platforms came forward with new scholarship schemes to accelerate their plan to move abroad this year. These scholarships encourage students to keep their eyes on the prize and not give up on their education and dreams. Here are a few platforms that can help you with the latest scholarships for Indian students:

Leverage Edu Leverage Edu launched India’s Largest Study Abroad Scholarship for Indian students who are planning to study overseas for the upcoming academic intakes. As part of the initiative, students can apply by submitting an application that asks them why they deserve the scholarship. This democratises access to students in any corner of India, to get waivers on their tuition fees, overhead expenses, win laptops, waiver on costs to cover excursions, and a lot more at-campus stuff – which would get them closer to their dream of being a global citizen in a borderless world. The scholarship of Rs5,00,00,000 is expected to benefit hundreds of students.

Study Group Study Group is a leading global company that prepares international students for university degree programmes, teaches high school education, and teaches English language courses. Study Group owns and operates colleges and has been working with more than 40 universities across the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia for 25 years. It has the most extensive global marketing and recruitment network in the industry, helping the institutions they work with to connect with international students in over 140 countries.

Their pathway programs provide the language, academic and social skills that students need for university progression and continued success after they graduate. It helps the students by navigating them through multiple universities and the best scholarship packages available to them and making it a hassle-free process for them.

British Council The British Council is providing a new Creative Economies Scholarship programme. Under this, the Council will provide 10 scholarships to students and young professionals from India to pursue postgraduate studies at four UK universities that provide culture policy and arts management programmes. Applicants interested in this program may apply for the scholarship directly with the four participating universities which include King’s College London, University of Glasgow, Birmingham City University, and the Goldsmiths University of London.

Buddy4Study Buddy4study is India’s largest scholarship network that provides detailed information about current scholarships and competitions to schools and college students. They provide easy access to scholarships and simplify scholarship accessibility for students and the disbursement process for providers. It has helped more than 45,000 students to get scholarships worth more than Rs 50 crore through international and national scholarships. It helps in providing matching scholarships based on the profile of a student through email/app notifications.

Backed by its robust scholarship search engine, it is the only platform in the country that allows both seekers and scholarship providers to access curated scholarship information across the globe. TNS

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