When Franck Dubosc recognizes that he did not work enough to make the public laugh

The French actor believes that All Inclusive, a comedy directed by Fabien Onteniente in 2019, suffers from “ an average copy ”.

This time the vis comica was not there. In an interview with our colleagues from Star TV Franck Dubosc admitted that the film All Inclusive by Fabien Onteniente, released in 2019, and that he had co-scripted, was not really a success.

The words he used to describe this cinematographic failure are unambiguous and could postpone the return of camper Patrick Chirac to the screens until Greek calendars: “… As for All Inclusive, we haven’t worked on it enough. We made an average copy. Fabien Onteniente agrees with me. This experience has vaccinated us and will prevent us from doing anything. For now Camping 4 is therefore not in the pipes.

Only 800,000 spectators for All Inclusive

The public, the only judge in the matter, has in fact agreed with the actor’s severe observation. With less than a million box office admissions (818,585 spectators exactly), this pochade did not have the same power of seduction as the trilogy Camping led by the same duo between 2006 and 2016. The statistics are unstoppable: the three films then attracted in cinemas not far from 13 million comedy fans.

Despite this misstep Franck Dubosc continues to maintain morale. He is in the process of finalizing the preparation of his second feature film as a director, Rumba Therapy also titled Rumba life. He hopes this will give him some balm since the first film he directed (Everyone standing in 2018), had made laugh the trifle of some 2.3 million viewers. In this comedy, on which he bets a lot, he will of course be present behind the camera but also in front since he will play a role to his measure and which he has already described for his fans: “The story of a dad who abandoned his daughter when she was very young. He will seek to find her, to meet her for the first time, when they do not know each other …

All Inclusive by Fabien Onteniente, in 2019, with Franck Dubosc, François-Xavier Demaison …


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