When a thirty-something bets on the grandpa-boom

“The home help service you would want for your own grandparents”: this is what the Petits-fils agency network offers, in which Élodie Gey, 38, chose to set up business six years ago. “I found myself in it. I, who wanted an activity that made sense, appreciated the family side and benevolence. “ In 2014, when she had been anchored in the South West for ten years, this native of Brest wanted to develop a new professional challenge, just after the birth of her second child. She then met the founders of the Petits-fils network, born in 2007. “We knew we were going to the grandpa-boom, she remembers. at at a time when retirement homes did not always have a good press, I felt that there was an opportunity that appealed to me in the same way that the two founders of the network had liked. “

In September 2016, after the birth of her third son, Élodie Gey opened, on the franchise model, a first agency in Bouscat, near Bordeaux, after having met an essential criterion: to identify at least fifteen operational life assistants. The agency helps its clients to select one or more, as needed: meal preparation, occasional support, up to a permanent presence at home. “The elderly person has a direct contract with the carer on a specific employer relationship, explains the entrepreneur. Our job is to take care of everything – employment contract, salaries, invoicing, Urssaf, etc. – thanks to the mandate given to us by our client, who only has one invoice to pay. “

Last February, Élodie Gey opened a second agency, in Mérignac. The demand is such that he must already recruit another person to establish the sector visits, making it possible to refine the choice of the caregiver whose skills are in line with the demands of the elderly person. With nearly 130 clients, its two agencies provide work for 70 carers. “It’s gratifying to create jobs and offer good working conditions. And it is a pride to honor our customers’ wish to stay at home. Élodie Gey believes that the acquisition of the Petits-fils network by the Korian group has not changed the practice of the profession.


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