WhatsApp criticizes Apple for its photo-detection mechanism

WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart has confirmed that his company will not follow the lead of Apple, which recently announced measures to prevent the spread of child pornography.

Cathcart wrote on Twitter: “I’ve seen the information Apple has posted, and I’m concerned. I think this is a wrong attitude and an obstacle to the privacy of people around the world.”

“People have asked if we will implement this system in (WhatsApp), and the answer is no,” Cathcart added.

He noted that WhatsApp has made great efforts to combat the spread of child pornography, especially developing features that allow such content to be reported and blocked.

He confirmed that WhatsApp sent 400,000 reports of material related to child sexual exploitation in the past year, without breaching the encrypted data, according to RT.

He added that “Apple” instead relies on software that allows checking all of the user’s photos, warning of the seriousness of security holes in the company’s systems and the possibility of hackers getting access to those technologies.

It is noteworthy that international press reports confirmed the readiness of the American company “Apple” to provide special protection tools for children in the “iPhone” phones and all the company’s electronic devices.


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