What’s the point of knowing if my data has been leaked or not?

Hopefully, it will be an incentive for you to be more careful to protect your data and update your passwords, as quickly as possible.

How can I hack my account details?

Every year, billions of data resulting from breaches are leaked and exposed on the dark web and sold on the black market, as criminals pay to access your data, and if someone accesses your data they are likely to impersonate you, text your contacts, and steal your money, for this reason. You should take your data protection very seriously.

* How do you know that I have been exposed to a data leak?

With data leaked all over the internet, we search for your details if it has been posted or has been exposed to any leaks.

What do I do if I get hacked?

1- Go to the email you checked and change the password immediately.

2- If you use the same password with other accounts, change it as well.

3- Check carefully that your accounts do not contain important information, such as the credit card number.

* How can I protect my accounts?

1- Use difficult passwords, and change them at least every 6 months

2- Do not use the same password for all of your accounts

3- Always use 2FA

4- Do not keep any sensitive information


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