What’s next for the No. 1 global tech giant, Apple?

The global tech giant has made a splash after bullish expectations sparked interest in Apple’s future, according to which the company will accelerate its electric car program and could be ready for launch within four years, and the company is likely to go ahead with a self-driving car plan. entirely rather than a “limited autonomous driving model that focuses on steering and acceleration.”

Weeks after Apple’s stock hit an all-time high on December 9 based on the hype of the Apple electric car, analysts raised their target price to $200. Patience by its loyal customer base.

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In September 2021, Apple unveiled the latest generation of phonesiPhone 13 and Apple WatchSeries 7, plus new versions of iPad And iPad mini.

Earphone VR / AR

Several companies including Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and Alphabetomita have released VR headsets with varying degrees of success, and these companies still believe there is more growth ahead for the sector.

Apple has expressed interest in virtual reality headsets since 1996, when it filed its first patent in this field, but those efforts have intensified dramatically in the past six years, and the company has reportedly hired hundreds of employees to work on the project and acquired augmented reality startups like Metaio.

Apple’s first project is expected to be a headphone VR / AR Complete, also known as mixed reality headset, which will be similar to competing products from headsets Meta Formerly known as Oculus or HoloLens from Microsoft.

The yet-to-be-named Apple headset is expected to be released in late 2022 or early 2023, according to some analysts.

augmented reality glasses

A second smaller augmented reality project similar to Google Glass The much-touted version is in development at Apple as well, and the project is still in its early production stages.

The glasses are said to have a screen on both lenses that can be interacted with using gestures, and will be marketed as an accessory for a device iPhone, which will handle a lot of computing, networking, and locating the device on the head.

they say that Sony And Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing They share this technology with Apple, and some sources have said that the glasses could come as early as 2023, but some expect them to be unveiled in 2025.

What are the latest developments?

Apple revealed its annual products on September 14, 2021, introducing its new series of phonesiPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Pro And the Apple WatchSeries 7 And iPad mini And iPad the new.

Features all of iPhone 13 Pro And iPhone 13 Pro Max smile Super Retina XDR All-new, with a camera system that gets ultra-wide, wide and telephoto lenses.

And in November, Apple unveiled a new service, Self-Service Repair, which will help its customers easily access genuine parts for each of their devices.iPhone 12 And iPhone 13 and computers Macbacked with chips M1And Apple announced the service will be available at the beginning of 2022 to its customers in the United States at first, and then it will expand to other countries over the next year.

Could the Apple car become the next engine of growth?

In November, insiders indicated that Apple was reshaping its automotive ambitions to focus exclusively on building a fully autonomous electric vehicle without a steering wheel.

Apple began working on its own car design in 2014 in an attempt under the name Project TitanBy 2016, Apple was rumored to have halted the project altogether, but in 2020 it was revived again.

The tech giant has been pursuing two potential vehicle designs: one with a more conventional design that would have limited autonomous capabilities and another with full autonomy.

In November it was reported that Apple is following the latest path of creating a self-driving car, and has designed a chip that powers the car and allows it to be widely compatible with its other devices including iPhone.

“We see Apple’s car prospects as the clearest path to doubling Apple’s revenue and market value,” Morgan Stanley analysts said, adding that only 4 percent of the market share of the $10 trillion global mobility market would double Apple’s current revenue base. The success or failure of the car will be critical to the company’s stock price in 2025.

Is the company performing well?

Apple’s latest quarterly results, covering the third quarter ending September 25, 2021, revealed that Apple’s sales rose 28.8 percent to $83.4 billion, setting a new record.

This revenue figure includes an increase of 29.8 percent in sales of products, which is estimated at 65.1 billion dollars, while services accounted for about 18.3 billion dollars, which increased by 25.6 percent, and operating expenses increased by 14.9% and operating profits rose to 23.8 billion dollars compared to 14.8 billion dollars in the same period last year, and net profits rose 62.19 percent to 20.55 billion dollars from 12.67 billion dollars.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said supply chain restrictions cost Apple $6 billion in sales this quarter, as shippers struggle to get Apple computers, mobile phones and other devices to consumers.

In particular, the bottlenecks in supply chains dashed hopesiPhone 13 This quarter and it will be a burden in the (next) quarter, although that effect was “temporary” and does not affect Apple’s bullish view on its path to achieving a market capitalization of $3 trillion in 2022.

In the second quarter, the company’s net sales were reported to have increased by 36 percent to reach a record high of $81.4 billion. This figure consists of $63.9 billion in products and $17.4 billion in services. Operating income rose by 84 percent to $24.1 billion. dollars, while net income came at $21.7 billion, an increase of 93 percent from the figure of $11.3 billion for the same period in 2020.

Despite the tremendous macroeconomic pressures, Apple achieved record growth in the previous period, as each product category set a record, and the amazing performance is due to the launch of new products introduced by Apple, and the company’s sales are expected to exceed in the 2021 fiscal year from iPhone Threshold of $190 billion, which translates to a growth of 39 percent annually.

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