What you probably didn’t know about the origins of Star Wars

An encyclopedia devoted to the original trilogy returns to the sources of the adventure imagined by George Lucas. An anthology of anecdotes at a time when the myth is coming back to life on the small screen.

For 43 years, the saga Star wars keeps coming and going in the great flow of global popular culture. To the rhythm of the generational tides, the “modern monomyth” created by George Lucas is sometimes carried to the skies, sometimes boasted by frenzied amateurs who have become sometimes too sectarian guardians of the temple.

An encyclopedic work, The Star Wars Archives – Episodes IV-VI 1977-1983, established by the historian of American cinema Paul Duncan, has just been published by Taschen, for the forty years of this atypical publishing house, at the modest price of 20 €. In 512 pages, Paul Duncan brings in George Lucas, who himself tells the story of the making of the first three films constituting this “space opera” which marked the history of the seventh art whether we like it or not.

George Lucas: Hollywood can’t figure out what kids want to see in the movies because Hollywood is too cynical“. Taschen

Throughout this book, rich in revelations of all kinds, many anecdotes are ignored even by the biggest fans. Anthology.

The car accident that changed everything

“When I was 18, I had a car accident and had an experience of

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