What kind of skiing do we do behind closed doors?

Between December 12 and 20, an unprecedented sporting event happened, which the media, to my knowledge, failed to report, which is a shame. This is the Critérium de la première neige, an obligatory stage of the Ski World Cup, which traditionally takes place in Val-d’Isère. Except that, this year, it took place in a configuration that was at least original, as a reader from Isère pointed out to me who, on December 13, discovered on her television screen, during the regional newspaper, this information. surprising: “A World Cup behind closed doors. “ A Ski World Cup taking place behind closed doors! A clos, as we all know, is land surrounded by a fence. At home, in Brittany, a clos is quite simply a field.

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We say: go look for the cows in the farm (with the Gallo accent). But a clos is also a vineyard, the most famous being Clos-Vougeot. And let’s not forget the Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci spent his last three years, invited by François Ier. In what kind of enclosure exactly did the Critérium de la Première neige de Val-d’Isère take place? And why behind closed doors? Why not in ten? What kind of skiing do we do behind closed doors? Is this innovation destined to last or is it linked to the economy? Mystery and gumdrop. Zero information. Exactly as if the Criterium of the first snow had taken place behind closed doors.


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