What follows from King Khaled Eye Hospital about the adoption of Vuity drops

King Khalid Eye Hospital confirmed that the alternative eye drops for reading glasses that were recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, are temporary and not a final treatment, and have side effects and are not suitable for driving a car, as they do not replace glasses.

The hospital explained that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Vuity drops to temporarily improve vision in cases of presbyopia, in which reading glasses are usually used to improve vision.

The hospital statement added that the approval came based on the results of the two studies conducted on (750) participants between the ages of (40-50) years, and they confirmed that the drop improves near vision in low light conditions, and that it works within (15) minutes, and its temporary effect may last up to (6 hours.

And King Khalid Hospital continued, that in order to answer many questions about the (Voyette) drops, we explain the following: The active substance in the drops (pilocarpine) has been known for years and has multiple uses, including narrowing the pupil of the eye and is sometimes used in the treatment of cases of high intraocular pressure.

Also, the improvement mentioned in the drop leaflet is temporary and not a definitive treatment for age-related vision impairment and does not mean dispensing with reading glasses, and that like any medical preparation, this drop causes side effects in some people, including: headache, eye redness, and may affect vision. Far in low light.

The hospital pointed out that among the most important things mentioned in the drop bulletin; It is a warning and taking precautions in night driving and dangerous activities that take place in dim lighting, and that like any new product, it needs more time and studies to ensure its effectiveness as mentioned in the preliminary studies.


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