What do rainbow kisses mean? Well, they’re not the name of a lip kit

What do rainbow kisses mean?

What do rainbow kisses mean? Well, they’re not the name of a lip kit, a My Little Pony movie, or a clothing line by JoJo Siwa. In fact, they’re a specific sex act performed by consenting adults with a bodily fluids fetish. These kisses usually begin in the 69 position and are performed on either a man or woman.

The rainbow kiss is a type of sex that involves sharing menstrual blood and a woman’s orgasmic fluid. Women’s menstrual blood is the female version of sex fluid, while a man’s semen is the male version. When the two kiss, the result is a rainbow kiss. However, not everyone is comfortable with sharing bodily fluids with their partner, so it is important to discuss the risks before engaging in the act.

When performing the Rainbow Kiss, you can engage your partner in conversation during the act and try saying things to turn him or her on. You can make the act more fun by talking about your feelings during the act. If your partner is reluctant to share her menstrual blood, try to say something sexual to turn him or her on. This will help you produce better results. Moreover, you can also modify the act based on your partner’s preferences and needs.

What do rainbow kisses mean? Well, they’re not the name of a lip kit

A rainbow kiss is a sexual act where two partners give or receive oral sex at the same time, when one of them is on their period. This method mixes menstrual blood and semen. The mixing of these two body secretions can spread sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

The term “rainbow kiss” has been around as long as humankind has produced fluids. The earliest use of this term was on the Urban Dictionary in 2003, although the term has since gone through periodic revivals in online discussion hubs, and it is now viewed as sexy. Here’s an explanation of what this sex act entails. After all, we humans are the only animals that produce both sperm and semen.

A rainbow kiss is an act in which the partner touches his or her vagina and penis. This act can be a violation of the boundaries of both partners’ bodies. It is often performed by one partner who is on her period, and the other partner who is not. The two partners can kiss each other, exchanging vaginal secretions and semen. However, it is always important to tell the other person about the sexy ways in which you are performing it.

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