West Side Story, Les Tuche 4, Sacrificed Lovers … Movies to watch or avoid this week

The adaptation of the famous musical by Spielberg, the fourth part of the comic saga carried by Jean-Paul Rouve, a spy melody against a backdrop of World War II … Discover the cinema selection of the Figaro.

The sacrificed lovers, a drama by Kiyoshi Kurosawa: must see

Through the story of a couple in the middle of World War II, Kiyoshi Kurosawa makes his first foray into historical film. The sacrificed lovers is akin to a variation on his favorite theme: the couple. In Kobe in 1941, Yusaku and his wife Satoko seem to spin the perfect love and ignore the violence of the story. But in a world at war, love is a collateral victim. There is something about Modiano in his way of blurring the lines, of staging pretenses, of making the actions of the protagonists opaque. Until the last shot, we do not know which side Yusaku belongs to. Hero, bastard, or neither? An undecidable and unbearable enigma. É. S.


A place like any other, a drama by Uberto Pasolini: must see

A man who knows he is condemned is looking for an adoptive family for his son. With a social worker, visits to applicants are colorful. Who will he confide in Michael? The film avoids sinking into melodrama, although there would be nothing wrong with that. A constant modesty permeates these images of Belfast, these suburban streets, this brave mechanic who repairs the hero’s car for free, this mother who notices with desolation the scale of the disaster, these expectations in the hospital. James Norton, with his rocky accent, red jacket and cap, is sensitive and gentle like a rugby player. É. NOT.

1 h 36

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A woman of the world, a drama by Cécile Ducrocq: to see

In Strasbourg, Marie has been a prostitute for twenty years. A profession that she assumes and defends. Eager to enroll her son in an upscale high school, she agrees to work in a strip club temporarily. Always so astonishing, Laure Calamy infuses pride and insolence in a strong film which refuses any moral judgment and miserability. CJ

1 h 35

The Tuche 4 , a comedy by Olivier Baroux: we can see

After Monaco, the United States and the Élysée, Les Tuche is no longer projected into a universe opposed to theirs. They find their village of Bouzolles, move in their comfort zone but dare to overwhelm it by setting up a toy factory threatened by a giant of the distribution. As for the previous sections, we cannot speak of a great film but the writing is chiseled, the actors are good and we are happy to find these recurring heroes who make us laugh heartily for an hour and forty. LL

1 h 41

Where’s Anne Frank! , an animated film by Ari Folman: we can see

The director of Waltz with Bachirreturns with a pretty animated and family fable which revisits the fate of the young Jewess deported to Auschwitz in 1944. Ari Folman builds the intrigue ofWhere’s Anne Frank!like a permanent return trip between the past and the present. This time it is aimed more particularly at children. Visually, educational and entertaining splendid, Where’s Anne Frank!is intended to be an initiatory feature film featuring the coming of age of two young girls, Anne Frank and her imaginary alter ego Kitty. OD


Pink, a dramatic comedy by Aurélie Saada: we can see

Singer Aurélie Saada, ex-member of the duo Brigitte, signs a first film with Françoise Fabian as a widow and a free woman at 78 years old. The funny and endearing painting of a Sephardic Jewish family. É. S.

1 h 43

Lingui, the sacred bonds, a drama by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun: we can see

Through the story of a pregnant teenager from N’Djamena, the Chadian filmmaker paints a damning picture of a patriarchal, religious and intolerant society. É. S.

1 h 27

West Side Story, a musical film by Steven Spielberg: to avoid

Almost sixty years after Robert Wise’s film, Steven Spielberg offers a new version. Without changing anything and less well. The Jets and Sharks still hate each other. In this neighborhood promised to be renovated, the Whites and Puerto Ricans are struggling to conserve their territory. They did not understand that the promoters would make short work of it, regardless of their origin. A whistle echoes in the dark. Fingers snap on a basketball court. Spielberg puts on Robert Wise’s (red) slippers. His fidelity pushes him not to change the period, at the end of the 1950s. It would perhaps have been necessary to update the plot, even though it was a little outdated. These gang feuds are almost good-natured compared to the violence of today. É. NOT.

2 h 37


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