Warner Bros. set to lose bet (and millions of dollars) with Wonder Woman 1984

After having postponed the release of Patty Jenkins’ film several times, the studio had chosen to present it in theaters and on VOD at Christmas.

The re-entry has therefore not reversed the trend. Despite relatively good figures achieved on the occasion of its simultaneous launch in theaters and on HBO Max, the blockbuster directed by Patty Jenkins is still struggling to soar as high as its heroine and to make profitable its colossal budget of 200 million dollars.

While more than half of North American theaters are still closed, the film still raked in $ 3 million this past weekend, a drop of almost half from last week’s numbers. With the 5 million collected in recent days internationally, the total amount of ticketing revenue for the last blockbuster of 2020 now stands at $ 131 million. When budgeted, the film’s performance bodes well for Warner’s future multi-million dollar losses. Compared to the more than $ 820,000 million in revenue garnered by the first part of the wise, the result is starving.

One unknown remains, however: the performance of the film on the HBO Max platform, as well as the exact number of new subscribers baited on the service thanks to the flagship heroine of Warner and DC Comics. In Canada, where the film has been released in 5% open theaters as well as on a handful of VOD platforms (HBO Max not currently available outside the United States), digital revenue from Wonder Woman 1984 would still have amounted to 7.2 million dollars, according to figures from Warner reported by Variety .

In addition to the general context and mixed reviews, the film received a very lukewarm reception in China despite Warner’s high hopes. The closure of a good part of European cinemas, and in particular the sudden confinement of the United Kingdom where the film was released on December 16, also played a significant role in the film’s disappointing performance, which was helped by competition from absent subscribers … in movie theaters anyway. Disney for its part, for the new animated film from Pixar Drunk, had decided to release exclusively on its digital platform on Christmas Day.

Released on December 25 in the United States, Wonder Woman 1984 Once again reunites director Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in new adventures in the heart of 1980s New York. A third opus dedicated to the heroine, still under the leadership of Patty Jenkins, has also been announced at the very end of the previous year, for a release date still unknown.

As announced at the end of the previous year, all of the Warner films scheduled for 2021, including the highly anticipated Dune and Matrix 4, will benefit from a simultaneous theatrical and online release, on the HBO Max platform. Warner’s surprise decision had struck a chord with the film industry, and even the artists most directly affected. “Some of the greatest filmmakers in our industry and the biggest movie stars went to bed the night before thinking they worked for the biggest movie studio and woke up to find they worked for the worst streaming service.»Had dryly declared the director Christopher Nolan to Hollywood Reporter , at the beginning of December.

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