Waqar in response to Mason: Hassan Maqsad, the writer, caused an adverse reaction

The Waqar Association for the Support of the Elderly explained, in response to Dr. Maysoon Al-Dakhil’s article, “They multiply, so let’s get rid of them,” in which the writer spoke about the dear segment of our society, and they are “the elderly.” Despite the good intention of the generous writer in showing the case, the association expresses a reservation about the method The satirist, who I used even half of the article, claimed that this is a literary method to attract the reader, and in fact it caused a lot of psychological harm, and caused a negative interaction on social media and a backlash.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Waqar Badr Saleh Al-Ayada indicated in a letter he sent to the newspaper that the elderly constitute 6% and are heading for 15% in 2030. .

The Kingdom has enacted regulations and laws that would provide a decent life for all segments of society, including the “elderly” category. Therefore, employing the ironic style contradicts the dignity that is associated with this segment, even if it is intended to indicate the importance of the issue.

The elderly lack suitable social environments to spend their time, which contributes to the quality of their lives and the transfer of their experiences. Many older people in our society, according to social studies, also feel that they need to be valued more. Waqar stressed that she is keen to contribute to providing a comfortable and dignified life for the elderly, through institutional work that addresses their issues, is known by the community and mobilizes support from its various components.


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