Walid Al-Khashti: Kuwaiti youth need institutions that believe in their capabilities and help them implement their ideas

– The “Zain Innovation Center” is a leading incubator for the initiatives of local entrepreneurs

We aim to empower the capabilities and open new horizons for startups

We encourage discerning minds to think about a modern, interactive work environment

Zain management motivates employees to be creative and innovative, and provides them with a suitable environment

Zain participated in Kuwait in the virtual global conference to support the innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship system for the year 2020, which was organized by the “Ecosystem Management Consulting” company, through visual communication technology, on November 19 and 20 under the patronage of Minister of Finance Barak Al-Sheitan.

The company stated in a statement that the conference’s work witnessed the participation of more than 80 global experts and practitioners, representatives of governments, scientists, academics, and financing institutions to exchange the best successful practical applications and future vision related to innovation, management, technology and entrepreneurship.

Zain emphasized that the conference’s activities provided an opportunity to review its future directions in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, which are in line with the state’s plans and the vision of a new Kuwait.

The intellectual and discussion sessions focused on enhancing the climate of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, by developing the infrastructure and institutional foundations, to create an environment for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

The participants called for the necessity of engaging the local community in innovative and creative activities and entrepreneurial activities, and supporting communities of practitioners and professionals through the sustainability of smart growth, smart zones through technology, cooperation, education, and other economic and social strategies.

Chief Relations and Communications Officer at Zain Kuwait, Walid Al-Khashti, participated as a keynote speaker at the conference, assuring that the dialogues and ideas presented by the conference sessions will provide a clear picture of the features of this stage in which government institutions and the private sector seek to equip their administrative and operational structures to integrate with the wave. Technology and new trends in business sectors.

Al-Khashti said, “We all know that innovation is one of the terms that has gained great popularity in recent times, not because this term does not carry with it job opportunities and creating new markets, but because it contributes to sustainable development plans, which is what called on countries and major institutions to harness innovation as a means to enhance their position And the competitiveness of its markets ».

He added that that is why many governments, including the government of Kuwait, have sought to create a climate for private sector institutions as providers of innovation, noting that “if we need more than just ideas or vision in order to create the future, then in this case we must contribute to spreading the culture of innovation. Within the business environment ».

Al-Khashti added that successful experiences reveal in the fields of information technology, that early investments make it easier to justify each investment later, adding, “If you do not make the first bet, it will be difficult to keep pace with subsequent events, and the large companies now realize in light of these transformations that they need to Paying attention to the intellectual models governing the work environment ».

Responsive to innovation

Al-Khashti stressed that innovation is the new title of the journey of societies’ growth, indicating that Kuwaiti society is one of the young societies, as the youth segment constitutes the largest share in it (about 72 percent of society).

He mentioned that these young people have ideas, visions and aspirations, and that these ideas revolve in their minds need to be implemented. Therefore, they need institutions that believe in their capabilities and help them implement these ideas on the ground.

Al-Khashti explained that Zain is one of the prominent institutions that has already embraced young entrepreneurs, as it believes in their capabilities and capabilities, and in the ideas and innovations they present, especially after the active movement in the Kuwaiti and Arab market, for many innovative initiatives and experiences in the digital space.

He revealed that because it relies on its strategy on an effective approach to youth issues by investing in future generations, the company has launched the Zain Innovation Center (ZINC), one of the leading incubators for entrepreneur initiatives in Kuwait, which aims to support and empower youth capabilities and open new horizons. In front of startups.

Al-Khashti added that the Zain Creativity Center (ZINC) represents an incubator platform for youth innovations and innovations, as it currently encourages distinguished minds to think about an interactive work environment, provides an innovative and modern work environment, and creates a suitable work environment for those with visions and ideas, and develops ideas into Real projects are implementable and application.

He pointed out that “ZINC” represents the prominent face of this stage, and that ideas are always affected by the care they receive, noting that if the global markets are looking for smart ideas, then the private sector institutions in Kuwait are resolutely heading to these areas as well, stressing the belief of “Zain” »That the launch of business incubator centers will help in uncovering new ideas and the rise of innovations.

He stated that the idea of ​​establishing a “Zain Creativity Center” came to continue the company’s journey that it started with the initiators and people of distinctive minds, with the “Zain Great Idea” program that continues to date in the technology and digital sectors.

Innovative ideas

Al-Khashti indicated that “Zain” believes that innovative ideas need nurturing in order to achieve its goals. Therefore, its management took the initiative to invite employees who have distinct ideas to present them for evaluation, pointing out that Zain received dozens of ideas and chose ideas to support and sponsor them, noting that it now has a “Zain Center” Creativity »as an incubator for these ideas, where the healthy climate, and the environment conducive to the development of these ideas into successful businesses.

On the other hand, he added, the company’s management encourages employees to embrace the spirit of creativity and innovation, and provides them with the appropriate climate for these ideas.

Al-Khashti stressed the company’s keenness to allocate one hour per day to the participation of employees with the initiators to exchange and enrich emerging ideas, considering that the insistence on contributing to a better future that is inclusive and dynamic, and in a way that helps people grow and live prosperously, is something that will always remain at the heart of its interests. .

He added that for this reason, Zain always emphasizes that it focuses on implementing its strategy on the element of innovation, especially since the generation with innovative ideas will represent one of the greatest differences between societies that advance towards the future.

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