Wafi: The off-plan sales system protects the rights of customers

The General Secretariat of the Off-Plan Sale or Rent Committee “Wafi” clarified that the off-plan sales system is one of the safe solutions to owning real estate, as it includes controls and procedures that guarantee the rights of all parties and in accordance with the concluded contracts.

The Secretary of the “Wafi” Committee, Nayef Al-Sharif, indicated that the quality of the units’ implementation in the off-plan sales projects is a priority for work to be supervised by “Wafi”, and it is also one of the main pillars for approving the completion of the projects’ completion in preparation for the phase of delivery and emptying to the beneficiaries.

He stressed that the completion of the delivery of all public services in real estate units in off-plan sales projects and their use when they are handed over to the final beneficiary is one of the basic items that must be taken into account in the contracts concluded between the parties to the project.

He pointed out that the project developer must abide by the date of handing over the unit to the beneficiary according to the agreed date. The unit is thus calculating the full rights of the beneficiary.

It is noteworthy that “Wafi” is concerned with organizing the contractual relationship between all relevant parties in the project. It is also concerned with following up on project completion rates, quality of implementation and cash flows, in addition to motivating and qualifying real estate developers to create distinct and integrated real estate projects that meet the aspirations of Saudi families.


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