“Wafi” implements 823 supervision rounds and violates 303 facilities during 2021

The control and control teams of the off-plan sale or lease program “Wafi” carried out 823 monitoring rounds during the past year 2021, in a number of real estate projects for units under construction in the cities and regions of the Kingdom, and this comes as an extension of the program’s efforts to preserve and protect the rights of beneficiaries by regulating sales activity And renting on the map in the market, raising the level of transparency, and increasing the housing supply with high quality, in order to achieve the objectives of the housing program – one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 -.

Wafi explained in a press statement that the rounds witnessed violations of 303 real estate establishments for practicing off-plan sales activities without a license.

The program confirmed that it would continue to follow up on the implementation of off-plan sales projects and verify the developers’ compliance with the approved technical and engineering specifications and requirements to ensure that the units were delivered to the beneficiaries in accordance with the stipulated standards, stressing that legal measures would be taken if any observations were detected in the reports or there were complaints that were not addressed in a short time.

The program noted that these procedures come within the framework of the supervisory role to preserve the rights of all parties, and to address the violations and observations that are monitored in housing projects under construction according to the procedures and regulations followed through a specialized technical team that checks the comments and complaints received and works to limit them, in preparation for taking the appropriate decisions that Preserving the rights of Saudi families.

It is noteworthy that the residential projects of the units under construction are directly supervised by the “Wafi” program for private sector projects, and the 112 projects reviewed by the “sakani” program website and application provide more than 148,000 housing units in various regions of the Kingdom, in order to ensure the safety of the unit and ensuring its implementation in accordance with the requirements and to the satisfaction of the program beneficiaries, by following up on the different stages of construction and development completion rates in the projects.


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