Wael Kfoury and Nancy Ajram ignite Jeddah nights

On one of the Jeddah summer nights, the fans of the concert of the artist Nancy Ajram and the artist Wael Kfoury began to flock to the concert headquarters at the Jeddah Dome Theater at eight thirty in the evening Thursday, where Nancy appeared to the audience in her usual elegance at the beginning of the ceremony at ten, where she wore a jumpsuit in the color Green, make-up in soft colors befitting her childish features, and left her hair loose on her shoulders with wide waves, which gave her look more charm.

The city of joy and life

Nancy began her connection with the song “Jayah with You”, and Nancy addressed a speech to the audience in which she expressed the position of the Jeddah audience in her heart, describing Jeddah as the city of joy and life, and then thanked the Entertainment Authority and advisor Turki Al-Sheikh, and the (benchmark) company, and then sang a number of her songs. “I want someone to love”, and “We want to love the atmosphere”, and then she went back in time and sang her most famous songs, such as “Ah and a text”, and “I quarrel with you ah”, which met with great interaction from the audience, and among the songs she sang as well as “The World is Sweet”, and “The color of your eyes”, and others.

“The Crown Prince is pleased”

Then the fans of the artist Wael Kfoury received their distinguished artist with a standing ovation, and the artist Wael began his concert with his newly released song, which was a great success in the Arab world, which is “We are all Munger”.

Then, the artist Wael welcomed his audience in Jeddah, and gave the audience and the entire Saudi people a distinguished loyalty in the Lebanese dialect, in which he mentioned the virtues and honors of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful crown prince, and the qualities of the great Saudi people.

And then Kfoury sang after that many of his old and new songs, with which the audience interacted greatly, such as “They asked me,” “My whole life,” and “Badw Betawhishni,” from the words of Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh, “The Strong Girl,” and the song “What I promised you.” With the stars of the night”, which the audience’s interaction with was clear, like all his songs on this night.

At the end of the concert, Kfoury expressed his great happiness tonight with the audience, their interaction and their high taste in songs.


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