Wa’ed provides funding for Avirus to accelerate its expansion in Europe

The Saudi company “Avirus”, which specializes in developing location-based technologies used by hospitals, airports, industry and governments to improve security, control hygiene and operating efficiency, announced that it has obtained a follow-up investment from the Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center Wa’ed. The company, which is headquartered in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, plans to use the new batch of financing, which is the second from Wa’ed since 2019 to achieve further expansion in the European market so that its customers benefit from the company’s hardware and software in improving the healthcare sector.

Avirus manufactures remote monitoring technologies that allow immediate and direct tracking of individuals, goods and vehicles, whether they are inside or outside buildings or in conference rooms, airports, institutions and hospitals.. Avirus received the new investment through a promising venture capital participation program to coincide with the progress AVIRUS products are making in Europe, as hospitals and clinics are increasingly looking to adopt solutions that limit physical contact, to ensure patient safety, and to develop hygiene services. This is among the protocols in place globally to limit the outbreak of the emerging corona virus, “Covid-19.”“.

Wa’ed, Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center, Mr. Wassim Basrawi, said: “The new investment will help Avirus to expand outside the Gulf region, so that it can open new horizons for its technology, after the company recently won a contract to supply the Swiss Epilepsy Clinic.” Clinic Zurich “with an internal monitoring system, and was able to overcome the competition it entered into with a German company.”“.

Basrawi added: “Avirus represents a model for Saudi technology that is achieving widespread global reach. We are committed to helping the next generation of Saudi entrepreneurs to translate their commercial dreams on the ground, achieve expansion on the international scene, and help the Kingdom compete in the global competition with competence.” .

For his part, the CEO and founding partner of “Avirus”, Mr. Youssef Sabadieh, said: “With the emergence of signs indicating that the world will emerge from the crisis, our systems help in” Avirus “to carry out wireless tracking operations without actual and location-based communication. Consolidating its position and taking advantage of the growing demand. “

Sabadieh added, “We thank Wa’ed for providing the second investment installment that reflects confidence on the part of the center, as it supports entrepreneurs in the Kingdom, and since emerging Saudi technology companies face challenges in obtaining the attention and funding they deserve, a promising role comes here.” “To undertake a necessary mission to bridge this gap by promoting the entrepreneurship culture in the Kingdom“.

It is noteworthy that “Avirus” was launched in 2016 AD by Youssef Sabadieh, Shahriar Ali Anees, Dr. Saleh Baslama and Dr. Anas Baslama, and they all have ties to Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, which in turn is a Saudi center for research in the field of internal positioning technology. . The Kingdom is considered a pioneering emerging destination in this field, and this is due to its tireless work to improve the safety of the millions of pilgrims who perform Hajj annually in Makkah and Madinah..

Avirus technology has begun to capture the attention of a number of the world’s largest technology giants. For example, this company is establishing a collaborative relationship for experimental marketing in the Gulf region with the American chipmaker Intel, which uses Avirus technology in systems that alert hand hygiene in hospitals. . Wireless alerts encourage hospital staff and visitors to observe hand hygiene protocols as they move through the medical environment to reduce the risk of contamination.


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