Vo launched its smart application

The Vo platform launched its smart mobile application in a special event to complement the rapid growth witnessed by the platform since its launch in February, and the Creative Center launched in June 2021.

This integrated Kuwaiti digital platform was established by Sheikha Ohoud Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah in cooperation with Reham Al-Ayyar, with the aim of embracing young Kuwaiti talents and developing their capabilities.

Mubarak speaking during the conference

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vo platform, Sheikha Ohoud Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, said, “We promised to export Kuwaiti talent, enhance its role, put Kuwait on the global map and diversify its economy. The mobile phone is an important turning point and a new beginning to show Kuwaiti talents, their capabilities and talents to the world.”

She added that the “Vo” application is a non-profit “smart” application aimed at launching creative talents, through a digital platform with high technology and effectiveness, and placing Kuwaiti talents in global markets and marketing for them, provided that all subscription sales return to support youth projects and develop young talents. on the global map and turn her talent into a professional.

On her part, Reham Al-Ayyar, CEO of VOE, said, “We were able to spread widely in the region in less than a year, and this success we have achieved in the market is due to the important content provided by Kuwaiti youth.”

She added that during the past months, the platform produced meaningful and influential content for more than 100 Kuwaiti talents, pointing out that the company’s team realized that Kuwaiti youth have many ideas and innovations that they would like to show, and that they only need to be empowered, recognized and encouraged.

Al-Ayyar added that the VO platform is nothing but a platform that provides these talents with the appropriate environment, and motivates them to innovate, refine their talent and turn it into professionalism, indicating that the real success achieved by these young people comes through their talents.

The application comes as a continuation of the recently launched Creative Center, which is a center equipped with high technologies and includes laboratories, studios and places for workshops to transform young talents into professionalism and fruitful results.

Unconventional event

The unique and unconventional event included informing the guests of the application mechanisms, as they met prominent entertainment media personalities present on the application.

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