Visualizing time with real matter

Japanese scientists conducted research considered

As a “leap in science fiction”, by embodying time with a real substance called “time crystals”, which is one of the applications of the quantum network.

The team proposed a way to use time crystals to simulate huge networks of enormous computational power, through which time can be determined perfectly and very accurately in mega calculations.

According to the scientific journal “scitechdaily”, the study began on this strange theory in 2012, and in 2017 scientists noted that “time crystals” are structures that repeat and move accurately with time.

The scientists noted that these crystals, which can be observed in some natural stones such as diamond or salt stones, repeat their self-organization, and can reorganize themselves and repeat their pattern accurately over time, that is, their structure changes periodically and regularly with the advancement of time.

“The exploration of time crystals is a very active field of research and many different experimental achievements have been achieved,” said Professor Kai Nimoto in the Informatics Research Department of the National Institute of Informatics in Japan, in a research paper published a few days ago.


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