Virtual Hiring — Big disruption that’s here to stay.

Swati Rai

The work world has adapted to the changing demands of the now, not-so-new model of work-from-home or remote working option. The pandemic led the world into newer ways of adapting to the changed scenario and how. Needless to say that this mode of working is the future and here to stay.

The low touch economy that we now thrive in has also seen a concomitant rise in the adaptation to new virtual hiring procedures. No longer are the elaborate face-to-face career fairs possible, neither the across the table job interviews.

The HR industry is now placing its bets on bot facilitated talent hiring fortified processes based on rating systems that lessen the chances of bias and skewed decisions. A virtual mode of hiring connects the interviewer and the interviewee in an geographies’ agnostic world of today. Clearly, recruitment in the next normal is big disruption and not going anywhere. Here are some tips and trends around this mode of hiring and staying hired!

The next normal

With the new workforce being tapped from Tier 2 and 3 cities and being largely gig in nature, there is a clear indication that a job aspirant must become aware of the virtual processes involved. The pandemic as we know, has accelerated the virtual work mode faster by almost a decade, therefore upping one’s tech skills and comfort with this virtual professional existence is a must. Apprising oneself thoroughly with the remote hiring process that is a combination of online psychometric and hard skills assessments, live Zoom video interviews, and of course bot enabled touchless hiring; is a must do.

Tech savvy is the way to go!

In an’ digital-first world, the hybrid mode of working is here. A smart blend of hiring processes looks at tapping the vast pool of talent, as location becomes irrelevant in most cases. Therefore, technology familiarization is a must-have skill.

As the talent marketplace broadens, the competition becomes stiff. Being job ready would, in such a situation, also imply keeping tab on ‘Looking for a job’ switched on, across job portals. Actively searching job postings on the myriad virtual sites and keeping an ear to the ground on any new developments on that count, would help additionally. On the other hand, organizations also need to become hybrid model savvy, especially at a time of the need for quick, fair and seamless recruitment by a workforce that comprises mostly of millennial hopefuls.

Brass tacks of virtual interview

A first time virtual interviewee is bound to get overwhelmed with the new-found turf because of the screen between the interviewer and herself. Also, being partly visible and unable to use the entire set of gestures and movements to emphasize the spoken language might be a hindrance to free and clear communication. This, however, should make the interviewee adapt to and adopt newer ways of communication essentials in the screen world that we inhabit now.

A focus on intonation, voice modulation, throw of the voice and word stress will enhance enunciation of sounds and add clarity to the voice. Inflection in the voice will also convey enthusiasm and emotion succinctly.

Sitting straight, clearing the background of noise and articles will also help convey the seriousness of the import of the interview. Being fidgety, distracted or uninterested glance will prove to be detrimental to the whole process. With most jobs now having remote meetings and conferences, there is no escaping learning to handle technical glitches on the spur of the moment and upskilling every nano second!

The Microsoft Work Trend Index 2021 outlines findings from a study of more than 30,000 people in 31 countries and analyzes trillions of aggregate productivity and labor signals, across Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn, revealing urgent trends as hybrid work unfolds in India.

74% of Indian workers are keen on flexible remote work options but at the same time 57% of Indian employees feel overworked as digital intensity increases.

Clearly, a balance needs to be maintained in this new world of work which is a complex one. The company, employees and job aspirants all need to get familiar with the cutting-edge processes, that’s not ging anywhere, anytime soon. Good Luck!

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