Violet is the color of kings since ancient times

Usually colors have an effect on the mood, as well as some of them are associated with specific occasions, and the purple color in particular is described by people as a mixture of mystery and imagination as it represents wisdom and courage due to its close association in the past with the class of kings and nobility.

The History of Royal Color

Violet color is closely related to kings, and it is classified as a royal color – because the “purple” purple dye that was used in ancient “Phoenician” times was very rare and very expensive because the violet color is less common in nature itself. It is very difficult to obtain the resources to create a dye with this color, and therefore violet was associated with wealth and royalty because it is often the only layer that can afford such expensive elements.

The beginning of production

Around 1200 BC, the city of Tire along the coast of ancient Phenicia began to produce a violet pigment by crushing the shells of small sea snails. The color resulting from the crushing process became known as the Tyrian purple / purple and was so well known that it was mentioned in the “Iliad.” Homer and “tenacious” of Virgil. Alexander the Great and the kings of Egypt also wore clothes colored in the famous Tyrian purple.

Historic occasions

This association with royalty was not limited to antiquity only, purple was the favorite color of the – famous – purple gown that Queen Elizabeth II wore on her way back to Buckingham Palace after her coronation in 1953.

Also, in the United States, the Purple Heart Medal is one of the highest honors for bravery in military service.

The award or medal was created in 1782 by George Washington in order to award it to soldiers who had performed services for their country and were deserving of the Medal of Courage.

Violet carpet

There is no doubt that the latest option at present is the adoption of the purple color of the carpets used in occasions and receptions, as the color matches the color of the kingdom’s deserts and plateaus in the spring.


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