Violence directed at mental patients is many times greater than that issued by them

The consultant psychiatrist for adults and psychotic disorders at King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh, Dr.Ahmed Hassab Al-Rasoul confirmed that physical violence directed at psychiatric patients in general, and schizophrenia in particular, is many times greater than violent incidents that occur by patients themselves, indicating that various media outlets have been exaggerating in Depict the dangers that mental patients pose to society.

Proven studies

According to the Messenger, Dr. Ahmed says: “While you prove Research An increase in violent incidents committed by schizophrenic patients compared to other non-patients, especially when schizophrenia is associated with irregularity in medication and substance abuse, studies have shown a nearly three-fold increase in the percentage of crimes whose victims are suffering from severe mental illnesses compared to non-sufferers. The rate of physical assault on patients in some countries is five times the percentage of assaults in which victims are not patients. A published Swedish study indicates that the risk of death for psychiatric patients in general is nearly five times higher for their non-patient counterparts, and nearly twice as high for schizophrenics, and these studies, although they were conducted in societies different from the Kingdom’s society, they, and in the absence of local studies, give Useful indications of the extent of the problem and its repercussions.

Pathological impotence

According to the Messenger, he indicated that mental illnesses in general are a major cause of disability between the ages of 14-24, accounting for 55% of the total burden of disease in the youth group. According to the estimate of the World Health Organization, psychotic disorders come in third place in the ranking of the causes of pathological disability classified before paraplegia and cases of vision loss. He adds: The incidence of psychotic disorders is 3.48% at some point in a person’s life, the most common of which is schizophrenia, with an incidence of 1%, and accordingly, the number of schizophrenic patients in the Kingdom can be estimated at 307,703, which is an estimated number for a weak group of patients who need more care and attention from everyone.

Associated dangers

Drew d. Ahmed pointed out some dangers associated with schizophrenia according to research and studies, including: Suicide, as 22% of psychotic patients experience suicidal thoughts in their first episode, and the percentage of serious attempts reaches 10% of cases in the first episode only, while research estimates the risk of death by suicide when Schizophrenia patients

By 5%, indicating that there is a direct relationship between the length of the untreated psychosis on the one hand and the intensity of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts on the other hand.

Suicide rates increase in patients with schizophrenia than for males

High educational level

Hallucinations and hallucinations

Associated symptoms of depression

A history of suicide in the family

The level of executive cognitive functions

Abuse of influencing substances


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