Violence against homosexuals on the rise

Violence against LGBTI people increased in the private space, within the family and in the neighborhood, in 2020, a year marked by two lockdowns, according to the annual report of SOS Homophobie published Monday, May 17. Last year, the association received 1,815 testimonials from LGBTI people (lesbians, gays, bies, trans, intersex), compared to 2,396 in 2019.

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In this year of confinement, curfew and teleworking, SOS Homophobia notes “A reorientation of violence towards private spaces”. Reports in the context of neighborhood and family each increased by 13% in 2020, compared to 8% and 10% respectively in 2019.

“These are insults from a sister, threats” coming from neighbors, “Blows given by a father, etc.” “, summarizes SOS Homophobie. However, the very particular context of 2020 has left “Few loopholes” to the victims.

Mistrust of institutions

Among the testimonies collected is that of Adam: “I’m going to beat you up, your guy had better get out of here”, his neighbor told him before kicking his door.

Gold, “Refusal of complaints or downgrading of the LGBTIphobic character of events occur in one out of two cases for neighborhood problems”, denounces the association. “This leads to a growing mistrust of the victims for institutions, but also to total impunity for the aggressors”, who are neither wanted nor condemned.

In addition, notes SOS Homophobie, “The forced return to the family home, prolonged cohabitation (…) have sometimes generated an escalation of violence, all the more serious as it emanates from loved ones, on whom the victims sometimes depend sentimentally and / or financially”.

Domestic harassment

“In addition to expressions of rejection (in 75% of the cases reported to the association) and insults, SOS Homophobia identifies harassment, threats and even, in more than one in five reports, physical or sexual assault”, explains the association. Facts “Mostly committed by parents”. Those of Sonia, 20, kicked her out when she told them she was in a relationship with a woman. “We deny you, you are no longer our daughter”, they told him.

On Wednesday May 12, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced a 15% drop in homophobic or transphobic insults and attacks in 2020, for the first time after years of increases.

For SOS Homophobia, “Most of the acts that the ministry lists take place in the public space” and not in the private sphere. Above all, deplores the association, for “Few acts are retained the LGBTIphobic character. This is the real concern ”.


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