Vincent Macaigne: black desire

PORTRAIT – Accustomed to comedies, the actor impresses with a darker role in Night doctor. Meet an actor who is not afraid to step aside.

Djokovic just winner of Tsitsipas, Vincent Macaigne quenches his thirst. Beer in hand, seated in a bar at 11e arrondissement of Paris, the actor talks about his projects by asking not to reveal anything. The Americans are in the game. He had to sign a contract with a clause stating that he promised not to rape anyone during filming. Paranoia crisis or real concern, we would be remiss to put him out of work, even though he was deprived of filming for a year because of the Covid.

On the other hand, Macaigne has nothing to hide regarding Night doctor, the new feature film by Elie Wajeman (Alyah, The Anarchists), shot in winter 2019 and stored on a shelf for months. He is unrecognizable there as a night owl, a doctor who travels by car through the streets of north-eastern Paris to treat strangers and drug addicts. Mickaël, his character, is not an angel either. He deals in Subutex to pay the debts of his pharmacist cousin, Dimitri (Pio Marmaï),

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