Vincent Lindon is “ready to take risks so that his children live without a mask”

After Nicolas Bedos, Vincent Lindon. Guest of the magazine “8:30 pm Sunday” on France 2 Sunday September 27, the actor confided in the wearing of the mask and the management of the health crisis.

“Anyone who does not have his mask is denounced. I thought, before the confinement, there was a rumor that the being was going to get better. Being, including me, everyone, that we were going to become better, that we were going to realize but in fact no “, lamented the actor.

“I have the impression that we have resumed our bad habits, our bad reflexes. That’s what scares me the most. It is for our children… ”, he testifies. At a time when restrictive measures were taken to regulate the opening of bars and restaurants in the capital, Aix-Marseille and Guadeloupe, Vincent Lindon abounds:

“I have lived all my life in a world where parents sacrifice themselves for their children. I have the impression that we sacrificed our youth a little for the parents. I am ready to take risks so that my children can continue to live without a mask and laugh, go to bars… ”Covid at school: has France done better or worse than its foreign neighbors?

“We must find a way to make them hope”

After an intervention by Laurent Delahousse, Vincent Lindon temporizes. “Yes, she [la jeunesse] wear the mask. Let her be vigilant. We have to find a way to make them hope so that they do not fall into a nervous breakdown even before entering the working life. “

“I lived, I laughed a lot, I had fun… I was very lucky. I fell into a great period, one of the most beautiful moments in life, and there you have it, if it has to cost damage… There is no world that is done without damage. “

The sequence was commented on on social networks by both supporters and detractors of Vincent Lindon.

“Well done for these few words on the abuse of masks and the spread of fear! Thank you “, indicates a Twitter user. “We caricature the words of Vincent Lindon which seem very wise to me”, adds another. The actress Véronique Genest, for her part, denounces the “Doxa” on wearing a mask.

Conversely, Jean-Michel Apathie published a message tinged with irony: “In this excerpt, Vincent Lindon says both that young people must live without a mask, and that they must wear it. Thank you. Certain thoughts help us understand the complexity of the world. Astonishing, no? “. “I imagine that Vincent Lindon is speaking as head of the intensive care unit, epidemiologist and virologist”, taunts another Twitter user.

Last week the comedian Nicolas Bedos had sparked controversy by publishing a message denouncing the new measures taken by the government to fight against the epidemic.

The French anti-masks, “a sphere surprisingly full of executives and CSP +”

Vincent Lindon had also expressed his opinion on Quotidien with regard to the controversy following the message of Nicolas Bedos. He had underlined to understand the substance of the message while expressing reservations on the form.

“I could basically agree. It is true that the sentence is strong. You have to be Jean Moulin to say ‘Quit dying to live’. I understand what he meant. It means let’s go now, let’s kiss each other, see each other… ”

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