VIDEO. Romantic comedies, a biased view of love?

Repetitive scenarios, stories with rose water, and actors addicted to the same roles… romantic comedies nevertheless punctuate our daily lives and can, at certain levels, condition our vision of love.

Take an interest in the love stories of others

To explain our attachment to romantic comedies and their often biased visions of love, Pierre-Olivier Toulza, lecturer in film studies, believes that the latter “Reflect our own behavior, our own love stories”. “We finally come to seek information about ourselves or conversely we will look for characters who are totally different from us and have fun thinking about how we would have gotten out of such and such a situation”, explains the specialist.

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Another interest pointed out by Pierre-Olivier Toulza, that of following the careers of actors or actresses accustomed to this cinematographic genre around which the viewer took affection. “Several actors are strongly identified with romantic comedies, such as Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant…”, he explains.

Deviant behavior?

Can you really behave in life the way you behave in a romantic comedy? Some leading characters in romantic movies or series would see their reputations tainted with a stalker label, if they did so in real life.

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For Pierre-Olivier Toulza, “The pleasure of romantic comedies is above all to offer us, at times, behaviors that are not politically correct. ” And to explain: “The behaviors that are shown on the screen are obviously not intended to be reproduced later in everyday reality. “


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