Vesper Chronicles, Where the crayfish sing… Movies to watch or avoid this week

Raffiella Chapman in Vesper ChroniclesDaisy Edgar-Jones in Where the crayfish sing. Copyright 2022 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved / Condor Distribution

A teenager facing the end of the world, a young woman, having grown up far from civilization, accused of murder… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Vesper Chronicles – Have

Science fiction by Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper, 1h52

On an Earth where nothing grows, humanity has returned to the state of medieval civilization. The planet is now dominated by a privileged caste who live in refuge in citadels. This end-of-the-world universe is due to the madness of certain agricultural researchers who played sorcerer’s apprentices by operating genetic mutations on plants, fauna and flora, making the planet sterile. In a fairy tale cabin, a young girl named Vesper survives with her father. A former soldier who worked for the Citadels, the man, now bedridden, only communicates with his daughter through a sort of flying drone in the shape of a robot’s head.
The teenager has tinkered with a makeshift laboratory to keep her father alive. A genius bio-hacker, she pursues an objective in the form of an initiatory quest: to manage to refertilize the rare seeds which remain on Earth and which are distributed sparingly by the scientists belonging to the Citadels. The result of a series of carefully considered choices, Vesper Chronicles turns out to be a very beautiful immersive film that is like a strange, fascinating anticipation fable, as if coming from elsewhere. OD

Where the crayfish sing – You can see

Drama by Olivia Newman, 2:05

In the America of the fifties and sixties, Kya grew up alone in a cabin without water or electricity. Her mother and siblings left her to escape the beatings of a violent father. An alcoholic patriarch who also ended up decamping, leaving his youngest child to survive according to the tides and the fishing. Running away from school, the young girl learns to read late in life thanks to an enamored neighbor. Alas, the good Samaritan leaves too, yielding to the sirens of the city and the university. When the body of Chase, a beloved former high school athlete who circled around Kya, is discovered in the swamp, she is framed for murder. She pays for the fantasies aroused in a bigoted community by her existence as a savage living on the margins of society.
Between magical realism, naive idyll à la Paul et Virginie and a more complacent trial film, where Kya is defended by a humanist lawyer, Where the crayfish sing stacks genres and archetypes sometimes until indigestion. An elegiac and slightly outdated adaptation of Delia Owens’ cult novel. CJ

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