Véronique Barrault, historic actress of Le Splendid, dies in a motorcycle accident

The actress, a student of Tsilla Chelton, made her debut with director Patrice Leconte in Les Bronzés go skiing.

Affectionately the walkers of the Café de la Gare and the acrobats of the Splendid nicknamed her “Coquillette”. The actress Véronique Barrault, who made her first appearance at the cinema in the cult Les Bronzés go skiing of Patrice Leconte died on May 4 after a road accident. She was only 64 years old.

According to the first findings of the gendarmerie reported South West the actress, a passenger on a motorcycle, was reportedly hit by a car in Gironde. The driver of the two-wheeler, injured, was hospitalized.

An iconoclastic Snow White

Born in 1958, Véronique Barrault was drawn to the performing arts very early on. At the age of eighteen, she first enrolled in the international workshop at Théâtre Salant and then took lessons from Professor Tsilla Chelton in order to perfect her mastery of theatre. In 1975, she demonstrated her talent in She sees dwarves everywhere of Philippe Bruneau where she portrays a Snow White as revisited as it is memorable.

In 1977, Patrice Leconte decided to use his lively little face twice in Tanned people go skiing. She is noticed and her film career takes off. In 1982 we see her in The American Quarter Hour by Philippe Galland. Josiane Balasko never forgot her and in 1987 offered her a character in The cops. The actress-director did it again in 1994 by giving her the role of Véro in Cursed grass.

An artist at heart, a lover of performing arts, Véronique Barrault had devoted herself for several years to directing and coaching actors. A way for her to share the happiness that the seventh art had brought her.

Véronique Barrault in Tanned people go skiing in 1977


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