Venom – It’s gonna be postponed carnage due to Delta variant

The new episode of the Marvel saga, directed by Andy Serkis, starring Tom Hardy, is postponed until October 15 due to the rise of covid in the United States.

Is the coronavirus stronger than the symbionts? Sony studio announced that Venom – It’s gonna be carnage, expected September 24 would not be released until October 15. The move is largely due to the spread of the Delta variant across the United States and the risks it poses to theatrical releases. A US survey released Monday estimated that only 66% of Americans said they were confident entering dark rooms.

Watching the polls, the curves of the coronavirus and those of the number of spectators, the studio had been cautious. The official trailer published on August 2 did not announce any specific release date but a less encouraging “in the fall”. The blockbuster of competitor Universal, Halloween kills, which should also be released on October 15, will thus find itself in competition with the second Venom.

Will other studios also deprogram their releases, as movie theater managers fear? Clifford the big red dog, produced by Paramount, has also been shifted, probably because the family audience for whom this film is intended are even less inclined to go to the cinema than the adolescents or young adults for whom Venom is destined. And the suspense remains on the release date of the next James Bond that spectators have been waiting for … 2020.

The first part of Venom had grossed $ 855 million worldwide, which convinced Sony, which owns the rights to Spider-Man and characters in his universe (including Venom) quickly start production of a suite. For Amy Pascal, producer of the film, Sony, was able to give this new franchise “a life and its own universe“. And this, while the first film had received cold, even icy reviews.

Venom 2 once again relies on Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a journalist living in San Francisco who owns a double of himself named Venom. In the new edition, his nemesis is called Carnage, played by Cletus Kasady. The film is directed by Andy Serkis, and in all likelihood should bring a good dose of thrills for Halloween lovers and thrill seekers.


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