Vendée Globe: Kevin Escoffier recovered by the French Navy

French skipper Kevin Escoffier (PRB), who had to abandon the Vendée Globe and who had been rescued by Jean Le Cam aboard “Yes We Cam! “, Was recovered by the French Navy, his team announced Sunday, December 6. “Kevin is heading for gravel while Jean Le Cam can resume his solo route for this Vendée Globe”, specifies PRB in a press release.

“A beautiful day begins”

The information was happily confirmed by Captain Frédéric Barbe, commander of the frigate “The Nivôse” a few minutes after retrieving the navigator, about 700 km north of the Crozet archipelago, in the Indian Ocean: “Kevin is in great shape, he will enjoy a hot shower. We are heading for Reunion. It’s a beautiful day that begins! “

The same cheerful and somewhat emotional tone was used on board “Yes We Cam” a few minutes before the separation of the two sailors. On a video sent by the organization, we see Kevin Escoffier putting on his survival suit, before jumping into the water to meet the zodiac of “Nivôse” close to a few tens of meters.

A trait of humor specific to sailors in moments of emotion, Jean Le Cam makes fun of his passenger who realizes that a little water has remained for days inside the feet of the survival suit he wore during the sinking and his ten-hour stay aboard his liferaft. “It will warm you up”, he said.

“Thank you, kisses, hi”

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Known for his devastating humor that delights social networks, Jean Le Cam was speechless when his companion hugged him, uttering a “Thank you, kisses, hi”, quite far from the marine vocabulary. Left alone on board, the oldest of the race, 61, suffered a little slack. “Good, here I am back on the road, alone, all alone”, he declares to the camera.

Fourth Monday 30th when he was diverted on the order of the race director to pick up Kevin Escoffier, Jean Le Cam took over the course of the race in sixth place. Part of the time lost will be compensated during the final timekeeping at the finish line, which will therefore be likely to bring “Yes We Cam” back to the final Vendée Globe classification.


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