Vendée Globe: Kevin Escoffier on his liferaft, Jean Le Cam is routed

The skipper Kevin Escoffier (PRB) is on board his liferaft after having triggered his emergency beacon on Monday, November 30 in the afternoon. After a good start to the race, he was then sailing in third position in the Vendée Globe (behind Charlie Dalin and Thomas Rettant), in the southern seas, towards the Cape of Good Hope.

Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!), 4e, went to his rescue, ” arrived in the area and sees Kevin on his life raft “, Says PRB on his Twitter account. ” He will unplug his engine to recover it. »The skipper from Saint-Malo triggered his distress beacon because of a major waterway, the origin of which is unknown for the moment. The emergency services (MRCC Cape Town) asked the closest competitor, Jean Le Cam, to divert to approach the last known position of the Escoffier boat when the beacon was triggered. This is the first rescue since the start of the race on November 8.

Escoffier was expecting his “first gust of wind”

Kevin Escoffier was advancing on starboard tack behind a front in a sustained southwesterly flow. At 2:46 p.m. PST, he was able to send a message to his shore team, explaining that there was water in the boat “, Said the organizers in a statement. The emergency services (MRC Cap Town) have also been alerted and are in contact with the race management.

Kevin Escoffier, a very experienced 40-year-old sailor, is taking part in the Vendée Globe for the first time, at the helm of a “flying” boat of the first generation, which left the shipyards just eleven years ago. On the strength of his two crewed round-the-world races with stopovers (Volvo Ocean Race), one of which was victorious in 2018, Escoffier quickly placed himself in the leading group and took third place in the Vendée Globe for the first time in the night from Sunday to Monday.

Monday morning, during a session with the Race HQ, he said he was preparing for ” face our first gale with 35 file knots and six meters deep “.


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