Vegetarian meals in the canteen yes, but … “the quality is not there today”

This is good news for animal welfare (and the planet): since Monday, November 4, school canteens have been required to offer a menu once a week devoid of meat and fish. A very daring two-year experiment when you know that it is aimed at a public not necessarily very open to taste “new things”: children.

What is the secret of the canteens that try to convert our school children to the subtleties of broccoli, parsnips and kohlrabi? “The Obs” had investigated in June 2019 on the subject.

In the refectory of the Papalia canteen, which feeds 200 students from the city of Surville in Montereau-Fault-Yonne (Seine-et-Marne), Assia, Yassine and Mehgi enjoy a paella with wheat nuggets. Their comrades are entitled to chicken, but they do not eat meat or fish in the canteen. You can spot them quickly: their plates are green when their friends’ ones are white. Ahmet Cakir, director of school life, who introduced a vegetarian option in the city’s canteens in 2015, said:

“The beginnings were difficult. Vegetarians had a plate of green beans or lentils, when others had a cheeseburger, it was wrong. Fortunately, the new provider has invented the veggie burger! “

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This is the kind of initiative that makes 7-year-old Mehgi happy: “Nuggets are b

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