Vaurien, by Peter Dourountzis: the double soul

CRITICAL – This first feature film is inspired by Parisian serial killers of the 1990s. A very mastered film.

The serial killer, imaginary or not, is a sure bet in American cinema. The Boston Strangler, Thesilenceofthelambs, Seven, Summer of sam, American Psycho (based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis), Zodiac… The assassins and their victims are gathered with a shovel. France does not have this criminal mythology but it still has some stories of serial killers brought to the screen, from Doctor Petiot, by Christian de Chalonge (1990), with Michel Serrault as an anti-Semitic doctor, to Next time I’ll aim for the heart , by Cédric Anger (2014) with Guillaume Canet as a schizophrenic gendarme, investigator of his own murders of hitchhikers in the Oise at the end of the 1970s.

Djé, the hero of Rascal, is inspired by Parisian serial killers of the 1990s. Mamadou Traoré, “the bare-handed killer”, a homeless assailant of women. Patrick Trémeau, married, two children, nicknamed “the rapist of the parking lots”. And especially the most infamous of them, Guy Georges, child of

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