US states sue Google

Dozens of US states have joined a lawsuit accusingGoogleBy abusing its powers with regard to applications used in mobile phones that use the “Android” system.

The judicial move targeting the market for applications, “Play Store” and other digital content, comes at a time of increasing pressure on the authority of major technology companies by regulators.

“We are filing this lawsuit to end the monopoly,” said New York Attorney General Laetitia James, who is leading the legal action Google Finally giving a voice to millions of consumers and business owners.

“The company has worked to ensure that hundreds of millions of Android users turn to Google alone for the millions of apps they may choose to download on their phones and tablets.”

The lawsuit, backed by 37 attorney generals, accuses Google of using anti-competitive tactics to discourage the distribution of Android apps in markets other than the Play Store, where its payment system demands rates for every financial transaction.

Google dismissed the charges in the lawsuit as baseless and released details of how the Play Store helped app developers grow while providing security for Android users.

Reported senior manager Google “Android and Google Play offer openness and options that other platforms simply don’t,” Chief Public Policy Officer Wilson White wrote in a post.

“The complaint is riddled with inflammatory language designed to distract attention from the fact that our rules on Android and Google Play benefit consumers,” he added.

The lawsuit alleges that Google has positioned itself as an “intermediary” between app developers and consumers.

A similar coalition of attorney generals filed a lawsuit in December accusing Google of exerting unilateral influence over Internet search and related advertising.

The plaintiffs are asking the court to loosen Google’s grip on the Play Store and to hand over the “unfair profits” that the giant group has earned through ads, purchases, and others.


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