Urgent | Snap conversations reconcile a dumb couple

Messages and video calls via “Snapchat” dissolved, a dispute between a dumb couple in Jizan, after a five-month estrangement, and a dispute that reached the court department, after the wife requested the annulment of her marriage, and “Al-Watan” published the case previously entitled “Translator to resolve the dispute of a dumb couple.” To turn the page of separation between them, at a time when the wife packed her bags in preparation for traveling to her husband in Riyadh during the next two days.

Wife’s surprise

The wife surprised her family with the end of her problem with her husband, after communicating with her husband through messages and calls from the “Snapchat” application, and she canceled her brother’s agency, and her insistence on ending the problem before the judge’s ruling, amid the astonishment of her family, and fulfilling her desire.

Factors represented in: the dumb couple’s understanding through messages and electronic communications, and the husband’s transfer of vehicle violations registered in the name of his wife that the husband uses to pay himself, amounting to 14,000 riyals, ended their dispute, the return of the water to its sewers, and setting an appointment for the treatment of their child, who suffers from lack of hearing.

resolve the situation

A source revealed that during the remote hearing with the judge last Sunday, the husband or his representative did not attend, indicating that during the judge’s request to take some measures to stop the husband’s services, the wife asked her brother to stop the matter, and that she reconciled with her husband, to inform the judge of the matter, which He referred the case to the Same-Ben Reform Committee, and postponed resolving the matter for a whole month, to announce the final ruling in the case, adding that the reconciliation between the spouses came as a result of their communication with each other through messages and calls on the Al-Sanaab website, and that one of the conditions of the wife’s family is to treat their five-year-old son, stressing that The wife is determined to travel to Riyadh to meet her husband and live with him, and to close the case permanently.

session adjournment

Al-Watan had published that a judge in the Jazan region postponed the hearing of the case of a dumb couple, due to his request to use sign language interpreters, after the woman’s husband’s complaint, and her demand for the annulment of the marriage in a case considered the first of its kind, as the couple attended the court, and the judge stood bewildered. 4 factors: the large number of family problems between the spouses, the husband’s use of a car in his wife’s name, the large number of traffic violations and lack of alimony, caused the wife to request the annulment of the marriage.

peace is good

Family counselor Muhammad Abdul Salam confirmed that reconciliation is better between the spouses, before their problems aggravate and reach a dead end, which may cause neglect of their son, and the loss of his possible treatment opportunities. Praising the role of the wife, and asking her to return to her husband’s house, and opening a new page between them.


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