Urgent | Saudi transportation allows animal rides

The Public Transport Authority intends to allow passengers to take their small pets in all public transportation, provided that they are placed in containers designated for transportation, in addition to other provisions, provided that they do not pose a danger to others or impede movement and safety of operation.

transport rights

This came in the context of a draft regulation of the rights and obligations of transport users, which the authority recently presented to the public, and which included a number of general provisions and provisions specific to each means of public transport. For all beneficiaries, ensuring that there is no discrimination between passengers in the right to benefit from various transport services, enabling persons with disabilities and people with limited mobility to use transport activities, allowing the beneficiary to re-plan the trip or re-booking, ensuring the availability of several outlets to pay the transport fare, and determining the responsibility of the beneficiary. The carrier towards passengers and their luggage, providing effective systems for handling complaints and activating the supervisory role to ensure effective, safe and sustainable transportation. .

General provisions for users of transport activities “carrying luggage and animals”:

1- Passengers are allowed to take their personal baggage or any other things that they can carry themselves on board the means, and put them in the designated places – if any -.

2- Passengers with visual impairment are allowed to take approved service animals on board the vehicle.

3- Passengers are allowed to bring their small pets, provided that they are placed in containers designated for transportation.

4- The carrier must publish a list of the prohibited materials and announce it on board the vehicle, ticket sales centers, and through smart applications and wherever possible.

5- The carrier in public transport may check the unsupervised hand baggage and unload its contents when required for security and safety purposes.

6- The carrier shall not be liable for the loss, damage or destruction of baggage in the passenger’s possession, or its deficiency or defect, unless the fault of the carrier or his subordinates is proven.

7- The carrier shall keep accurate records of all items lost from passengers on board the flight, in the “Lost and Found” database accessible to the claimed passenger.

8- If the passenger dies or suffers from a disease during the flight, the carrier shall take the appropriate measures to rescue him on board the means, transport him to the nearest hospital, and preserve his luggage and belongings until they are handed over to his relatives or to the police.


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