Urgent | Interpreter to resolve a dumb couple’s dispute

A judge in the Jazan region postponed the hearing of the case of a dumb couple, for his request to use sign language interpreters, after the woman’s husband’s complaint, and her request to annul the marriage in a case considered the first of its kind. Between the spouses, the husband’s use of a car in his wife’s name, the frequent traffic violations and lack of alimony, in the wife’s request for the annulment of the marriage.

session adjournment

A source revealed to Al-Watan that the two parties to the case attended the court, and the judge postponed the session between them, to use sign interpreters, indicating that the next session will be for hearing. According to the judge, some judges rule if they are convinced of the reasons, and some refer the case to the Reform Committee, or they ask for a ruling from his and her family. The source explained that the judge raises the case to appeal in the event that one of the parties objects to the ruling, but in the case of the consent of the spouses, the ruling is considered effective, indicating that in the event of the dissolution of the marriage, the judge may rule with a simple compensation, or without it, if the reasons are convincing such as psychological reports or imprisonment For a long time, and confirming that the spouses will be referred to the reconciliation committee, to try to reconcile the relationship, by convincing the wife not to insist on her decision to annul the marriage.

equal issue

Lawyer and legal Abdul Karim Al-Qadi confirmed that the case is equal in all its forms with the cases of ordinary speakers, noting that there is the liquidation of financial obligations or the use of benefits, as in the use of the car, as all the consequences of using the car are the responsibility and guarantee of the direct user, including Traffic vouchers, even if the car is in the name of another person, as this remains on the owner, by proving that the person used and directly is the culprit himself, and clarifying that one of the ways of proof is authorization papers to drive the car and the like.

A dumb couple baffles a judge in Jizan

The spouses attend and the judge adjourns the hearing

The judge demands the use of a sign language interpreter

4 reasons for the wife’s request for an annulment of the marriage

– 5 years for the period of marriage of the Abcmine

A lawyer confirms that the case is equal to those of the speakers

– 4 procedures for the couple’s case

Most notable actions:

Issuing a decision if the reasons are satisfied

Transfer to the Reform Commission

Requesting two rulings from the husband and wife’s family

– Raise to appeal


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