Urgent | Her ex-husband married and gave up custody of her child

Legal Counsel Mufleh Al-Dosari revealed that a couple’s relationship reached the point of sacrificing their child, as the husband was beating and cursing his daughter to take revenge on her mother, who asked for a divorce, which made the mother demand custody of her, and it did not take long for her to give her up to her father, after she learned that he had married from another.

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Al-Dosari referred to the facts of a story of a woman (MN) who got married and gave birth to a child, and then her husband’s treatment of her changed, and he insulted her and accused her of neglect and bad morals without right. The husband went from bad to worse, until their daughter began to feel afraid of her father, so the mother decided to ask for a divorce, but the husband refused to do so in order to empty his anger at his wife, but she insisted on her decision, so the husband took his daughter and hid her from her mother until she retracted her decision, which made her file a complaint Against her husband, he knew this, and he abused his daughter by beating and insulting her, all because of revenge. After the divorce and taking custody of her mother, the story did not end yet, as the girl’s mother learned after a while that her ex-husband married another woman, so she became angry and gave up custody because she wanted to marry as he did.

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The legal advisor pointed out that the condition of the child and her psyche after being abandoned is beginning to be lost, as unleashing the spirit of revenge between spouses after the divorce causes deep emotional effects and cracks in the psyche of the children, and has bad effects not only on the children in custody, but on the entire society, adding that the systems that It will be issued soon, including a personal status system that will address all disputes that occur between spouses and preserve all rights, the most important of which is the rights of children related to custody, as the regulation of this came in Chapter Two of Chapter Four of the system.

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He added that parents should take into account the rights of children and assume their responsibility towards their children and put it in the first place of priority for them so that their lives do not become miserable as a result of these decisions taken by the parents and to resolve this conflict with friendliness and consent after the divorce for them and take into account their feelings to lead a normal life away from differences, stressing that the responsibility of the children Religious, legal, and social responsibility, and they are the basic nucleus on which societies are based all over the world. Therefore, it should be observed and performed in the correct manner in order to benefit the society with these generations.

Steps to prove custody:

Enter the Ministry of Justice portal

Choose e-services

Choose Apply for Final Circuits

Choose a custody verification service


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