Urgent | During the year 87 fathers abused their children

A report issued by the Human Rights Association revealed that the number of abused fathers, whether among the persons complained of or within the party that was addressed to remove the reasons for the grievance, reached 87 fathers compared to 20 mothers. While the number of abusers reached 48 males and 91 females, and that was among the cases of violence against children during 2020.

Riyadh tops

Riyadh topped the list with 45 fathers who were addressed, followed by Jeddah with 21 fathers, Dammam with 9 fathers, and Asir with 8 fathers.

Addressing the mothers

While mothers ranked second, 20 mothers were addressed to remove the reasons for the grievance, including 9 mothers in Riyadh and Dammam, and Aman in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, followed by the family in third place, where 11 families were addressed, including 7 in the city of Riyadh. And Dammam 3, and in Jeddah a family.

Other Categories

As for schools, the number of cases reached 9, 7 schools in Riyadh, and one school in Dammam and Jeddah. As for the brothers, the number of cases was 3, and they were in each of Riyadh 2, and Medina 1.

The cases of the stepmother were 5 cases, recorded in the capital 4 and Dammam 1. With regard to the uncle, the number of cases reached 2, one recorded in Riyadh, and the second in Jeddah.

As for the teacher, the number of cases in Dammam, and the grandfather registered a case in Jeddah, bringing the total number of cases to 139.

Receiving branch of the case

The number of physical abuse reached 32 cases, 4 cases each of psychological and sexual, deprivation of education 31 cases, denial of identity papers 20 cases, mother deprivation 14 cases, father deprivation 5 cases, neglect 27 cases, and underage marriage 2 cases.


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