Urgent | China removes Quran and Bible apps

Apple is helping China suppress religions, according to US media, as the major tech company removed popular Quran and Bible apps in China at the request of the communist regime.

Developer reaction

The Pakistani company that develops the Quran Majeed application said that the application is used by 25 million users around the world, and the number of its users in China is close to one million users. Legal and the need for more approvals from the Chinese government, while the content of the application includes the Qur’an only. The company that developed the application also said that it is trying to communicate with the Chinese Cyberspace Administration and the relevant Chinese authorities to solve the problem, and despite China’s recognition of Islam as an official religion in the country, it faces strong accusations of human rights violations and even the genocide of the predominantly Muslim ethnic Uyghur group in Xinjiang province. Apple commented that removing the application constitutes a violation of freedoms and human rights, and only referred to its policy, which states that it is required to comply with local laws, although it differs in some complex issues with governments in some countries.

Apple’s hypocrisy

For their part, politicians in the United States previously accused Apple CEO Tim Cook of hypocrisy for criticizing American policies in exchange for silence about policies in China. While complying with the Chinese government over censorship and silence about its treatment of Muslim minorities. The New York Times reported earlier this year 2021 that Apple removes any apps from its store in China if the Chinese government considers them to be banned, and bans any apps dealing with topics such as Tiananmen Square, Chinese spiritual movement Falun Gong, the Dalai Lama and independence Tibet and Taiwan.

Benjamin Ismail, director in the Apple Censorship project, which aims to monitor the censorship that Apple imposes on its app store around the world, commenting on the deletion of the Majeed Quran application from China, said that the American company has now turned into a censorship office in Beijing, and added that the company needs to do the right thing and face the decisions that taken by the Chinese government.

According to the transparency report issued by Apple, the American company in 2019 complied with about 97% of the Chinese government’s requests for information about users of its devices, as it provided the Chinese government with information that may include the serial number of the device for about 1,630 requests out of 1,687 requests.

Quran Majeed

The latest version of the app offers a complete Quran in elegant Ottoman script, audio recitation, translations, and tafsir.

Recognized by more than 25 million users worldwide.

Its features:

Prayer times for all over the world with azan alert option.

Recitations of world-famous readers.

Option to display any translation with full Arabic text in excellent resolution in both landscape and portrait modes.

Islamic greeting messages (Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem,…).


Date Converter.

Quran TV with videos.

Visual Quran with flip gesture

Watch live coverage of Makkah and Madinah.

Possibility to choose themes (green, blue, night mode, light, brown).

Bookmark the verse, translation, and interpretation for your reference.


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