Urgent | Black market for free Riyadh season tickets

Although the Entertainment Authority provided free tickets for a number of “Riyadh Season” activities, some took advantage of this to achieve material gains, as they crowded out citizens and residents wishing to attend the events, obtain free tickets, and then offered them for sale in electronic stores and communication sites. So, it has become a problem that haunts the capital’s residents and visitors. For example, tickets for the “Zaman Village” or “Peace Tree” activities are offered for a fee ranging between 10 and 30 riyals.

resentment and anger

Many pioneers of social networking sites expressed their displeasure with this phenomenon, as the free tickets run out in a short time after their launch, and then they are surprised to put many of them for sale in electronic stores and communication sites, calling on the competent authorities to take the necessary measures, to stop these practices that violate the law, and abusive to one of the most The seasons of entertainment are successful and unique.

Fahd says: My family and I were keen to attend the “Riyadh Season” activities, especially since there are free events, but – unfortunately – we did not find tickets. Ali Siddiq indicated that he searched for tickets on popular online shopping sites.

Sarah tells her story with 6 of her friends. They chose to go to the free events last weekend, but they could not find tickets, so I went to the “Haraj” website, and found that one free ticket was offered at 30 riyals, meaning the total value of them was 180 riyals! Therefore, they decided not to go .


Al-Watan has already spotted offers on the black market on websites to sell tickets, as each ticket sells for between 10 and 30 riyals. Tweeters wrote on Twitter their suffering with the black market, calling on the regulators to intervene to solve this problem.

Providing free tickets to enter the “Riyadh Season”

The black market grabs a large number of these tickets

Tickets are sold out once they are sold out on the websites

The ticket price ranges between 10 and 30 riyals


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