Urgent | A court order .. a quarter of a million for a woman who divorced her husband

The case ended with a husband in a divorce suit, obligating him with a judicial order, requiring him to pay a quarter of a million riyals, as his wife took him off and returned him the dowry, but he refused to return her precious jewelry and watches, forcing her to file another lawsuit to claim her things, and when estimating the price of her property by specialists A judgment was issued obligating him to pay an amount of 250 thousand riyals.

Story details

A wife filed a divorce suit against her husband, who abused and beat her, and not only did that, but expelled her from the house. Her ex-husband to return to her, he refused to give her and denied her in the first place, forcing her to file another lawsuit to claim her things.

The judge asked to write a list of the jewelry and collectibles, which she owns and demands, yet the deposed husband continued to deny the existence of these jewelry and watches with him, and accordingly the plaintiff demanded that the defendant take an oath, that he did not have the watches, and when the judge presented the defendant with that, the latter refused to swear completely At that time, the judge asked the plaintiff to prepare a list with an accurate description of the jewelry and watches, such as the brand name, the number of the piece or its model, and the gold carat with regard to jewelry, and then this list was sent to the experts, who in turn sent it to the gold specialists, or the so-called “Sheikh of Jewelers.” Which gave an estimated amount of what is in the list, according to market prices, and the total estimated amount was a quarter of a million riyals, and then the judge presented the expert’s estimate to the plaintiff, who agreed with the expert’s opinion. Consequently, a ruling was issued obligating the husband to pay the amount of 250 thousand riyals.

legal opinion

Lawyer Nawaf Al-Nabati confirmed that the wife has the right to file a claim, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Personal Status Court and is called a “claim for personal purposes.”

And she orders all the things that belong to her, whether furniture, jewelry, or even a refrigerator and an air conditioner.

With regard to the fact that these purposes are with the wife’s or husband’s money, he pointed out that if these things are with the husband’s money, the wife has the right to claim them because it is like a gift, and gifts are not returned even if the marriage ends.

trade mark

Abdul Rahman Abdullah, who works in a gold and jewelry store, explained that jewelry pieces belonging to a large brand or brand are sold by the piece, as well as the brand name determines the price, and there is even a global brand for watches, the value of which increases every period.

– Her husband abused her, and she filed for divorce and won her.

– She asked her ex-husband to retrieve her precious jewelry and watches, but he refused and denied.

– The judge asked the husband to swear that he does not possess what the wife mentioned, and he refused.

– The price of watches and jewelry has been estimated by experts.

The divorced husband is obligated to pay the estimated amount agreed to by the wife.

– The price of gold is estimated at the daily gram in the global market.


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