Urgent | 80% discount on summer concert tickets

The Saudi summer concerts, which started about 3 weeks ago, witnessed a discrepancy in ticket prices between 390 riyals and 3500 riyals, as the first-class categories witnessed a large price difference of 80% for the same category between one party and another.

And marketers through the media, who are active in marketing tickets after they ran out through the official website, increased the prices of tickets for some concerts to the limits of 5,000 riyals, as the discrepancy in ticket prices, especially within the first class, VIP and VVIP categories, raised questions about the reasons for this disparity despite the approaching prices of tickets. The lowest party category, which varied between 390 and 500 in most parties, with the exception of the artist Rashid Al-Majed’s concert, which was the lowest category by about 1000 riyals.

black market

Since the beginning of the summer concerts in Riyadh, Jeddah and Sharqiya, many electronic accounts have started to take advantage of the fast running out of tickets for the concerts to offer tickets hours before the concert at prices that are more than double their original price, and the price is reduced for group tickets that are sold as a complete set for two or more people, and accounts are promoted through the communication sites. Its ability to provide tickets for concerts at a symbolic amount for reservation through the official website for reservations, and with fees varying between 50-150 riyals by booking tickets at the beginning of their launch on the site, and before they run out, while prices increase as the date of the concert approaches, so that marketers continue to display those tickets even hours before the event. The party starts, and they promote themselves by displaying the messages of their customers, through which they try to emphasize the content of dealing with them. .

Seats set prices

Observers pointed out that the number of seats available determines the price of tickets, as the number of seats available in the theater plays a role in ticket prices. The higher the number of seats, the lower the price, while the prices rise in theaters where the number of seats is less, and the number of seats for the offered categories affects On the price, if there is a greater number of first-class seats, the price will decrease, while it decreases if their number is limited. Ticket prices differ according to the location of the seats, where seats from the handicap category represent the lowest price and vary between 290 and 500, followed by A Right and then A Left, at a price between 890-980 Followed by B Right and B Left seats with prices of about 785 riyals. The lowest seats were Right C and Left C at a price difference between 390-500 and VIP and a discrepancy between 1950-2500 and VVIP between 2450-3000 Royal between 2500-3500 depending on availability in the parties.

Lower Price

Despite many criticisms of ticket prices, which some considered high prices, compared to concerts in other countries, which others considered, came at reasonable and varying prices to suit all groups, unlike the first concerts held by the Entertainment Authority about two years ago for the artist Ahlam, in which ticket prices varied between 1500 riyals and reached 15,000 riyals, and witnessed a high attendance compared to the high prices, but the subsequent parties witnessed a decrease in prices, so that the average prices of tickets offered in the last season’s concerts ranged between 785-1900 riyals.

Wael Kfoury and Nancy Ajram 490-2200

Muhammad Hamaki al-Sharqiya 390-1950

Muhammad Hamaki Jeddah 490-2195

Majed Al Mohandes 490-2450

Amr Diab 490-2185

Tamer Hosny 500-3000

Melodies 490-2900

Rashid Al-Majed1000-3500


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