Upcoming features in WhatsApp

Owned by Meta, WhatsApp is testing many features across Android, iOS, web and desktop, and there are new and upcoming features such as communities, a redesigned media picker, visual changes and more.

Some of these features have been in development since last year, and they haven’t been officially released yet. But the app is expected to start rolling out these features soon.

Communities have been rumored over WhatsApp for some time, and this new feature essentially brings your platform groups together in one place.

And if you have multiple but similar groups, and you need to connect with them all at once, the Communities feature lets you do that. You can send ads to all groups within one community.

Feature Description

The platform describes the feature as: Bring your groups together: Add the groups you manage to one place for easy access.

Reach everyone at once: Send announcements to all members and keep them informed.

WhatsApp Communities are the perfect place where group admins have more control over groups across the platform.

The community gets a name and description like a popular group chat, and after typing the name and description of the community, the user can choose to link up to 10 groups in the community.


WhatsApp is also testing a new media picker, which makes it easier to send multimedia after taking a photo via the app, and the new feature displays a recent section and a gallery section.

All recent photos, videos, and GIFs from your gallery are displayed under the Recent section, while the Gallery section displays all content. And the new media picker appears when you take a picture from the in-app camera.

The platform may soon add two new pens, as drawing tools for editing photos and videos through the application, and in this case you have more editing options and a total of three pens, and there is another editing feature that could appear soon via the Android application, which is the ability to darken images.


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