Unemployed woman reveals how she achieved 100% in the professional license exam

Rehab Qaid Al-Mutairi from Al-Bada’i Governorate in Al-Qassim, who has a full score in the professional license test, for those who hold educational jobs with a score of 100%, and has been unemployed for 7 years, revealed that the reason for her insistence on making efforts to achieve the full degree, is due to the suspension of her appointment by differentiation over educational jobs. On breaks, making them insist on achieving the highest score.

several attempts

She indicated that obtaining 100% in the professional license test came after several attempts, saying, “I did not stop at a certain degree or limit, and I was not satisfied every time I wanted more, at first my goal was to reach the appointment points in education, then my ambition became to reach the highest point.” To be appointed on the first desire, and close to my city, and then my goal became to preserve what I had, and not to forget what I had learned after many years of graduation. The exam was a refresher of my information.”

She pointed out that she relied on many sources in studying, as she was not satisfied with one source, and participated in many courses in the specialization.

assignment points

Al-Mutairi said: In the last educational comparison “two years ago,” the appointment points stopped before me with barely noticeable intervals, and this was a “slap” for me, and I do not hide that I was a little disappointed, but soon I promised myself to arrive and got up, admonishing her and her fellow graduates blaming the Minister of Education , as the specialty of “computer” is unjust and there is a great shortage of need, despite the obvious deficit in the field.

She added: “With the emergence of a sign of hope for the introduction of the “digital skills” subject for the upper grades of the primary school next year, there are voices in the field alluding to assigning the subject to non-specialists of teachers, after giving them professional development courses, and that this is a disaster for male and female students and the right of this specialty and its graduates. ».

University Specialization

Al-Mutairi said, “I completed the Computer Science major with a GPA of 4.51 with a grade of excellent with second class honors from Qassim University, in addition to a Diploma in General Education with a GPA of 4.85 with a grade of excellent with first class honors.”


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